Depositit is used by Departments of Government, Security Forces, IT Consultants, Financial Advisors, Legal Agencies, Educational Departments and many other companies around the world.

The following are testimonials from some of our customers, past and present:

“I knew the moment I clicked on the email link I was in trouble and felt my stomach lurch as my screen went blank. Incredibly C360 popped up with a message saying 'threat detected' and within the blink of an eye my machine was back again as if nothing had happened. I received a follow up report and call to check I was OK and told the link I had clicked on would have stolen my details. Thank you for protecting me, it's an amazing comfort and was pretty scary”

Richard Wood

“I wish I�d known about Depositit C360 earlier as 3 of customers got hit with ransomware and they all had protection on their machines. Unbelievably even after we cleaned the machines and ran malware removal scans they got hit again. The scans all reported no threats yet something was lurking but unable to be detected. C360 found the threats and fully cleaned the machine and since then no more trouble. C360 is the only solution we recommend now, if the customer doesn't take it they run their own risk”

IT Services

“Thanks for use of your Cyber ALERT. We get frequent power outages and knowing I can login to your alerting tool from my mobile and notify my customers has removed the stress”

Brian Mills

“How much better am I sleeping at night now and especially after seeing your C360 intercept a threat. We updated a software application from the link they sent us and the new version had malware in it � didn�t even know this was possible. Luckily you did and you blocked it and saved us a huge amount of possible downtime and losses.”

Property Management

“The Depositit backup service came to me via my insurance broker and as such were very much an unknown quantity. However, I have been pleasantly surprised by the level of assistance they have supplied in setting up the cloud backup of our system. We worked through the options available and I am now confident that my companies data is safely stored off site and retrievable if the worse were to occur. Best regards Phil ”

Polestar Cooling: www.polestarcooling.com

“Depositit provides a seamless and invisible backup, giving us complete peace of mind. And when we have needed to retrieve data it has proven to be just as easy. I no longer worry about PC crashes or breakages, as I know from experience that the downtime for our business will now be minimal (minutes only). 'Back up' used to be a major concern for us, but is now an issue I am happy to have crossed off my list of worries, allowing me to focus instead on my actual business.”

Justin Spray
Mendas Limited: www.mendas.com

“One of our clients asked us to investigate the possibility of performing PC backup over the internet to a secure location. After some research we came across several products that seemed to hit the spot, further testing however proved there to be one clear winner - Depositit!”

“We are now recommending all our small business and home user clients to use the Depositit automated backup solution to secure their critical data.”

James Davis
Janik IT Solutions Limited: www.janikit.co.uk

“Given the new FSA compliancy regulations coming into effect this year I decided to be proactive and put in place a secure solution to ensure the safe backup of our firm's computer data.”

“I was recommended Depositit by a colleague on the basis that it was simple to use, very secure & affordable. I will be eternally grateful for that recommendation!”

“Within just a couple of months of subscribing, we suffered a flood in our office and my laptop was damaged beyond repair.”

“All my data was gone including all of my contact details, my emails and other important correspondence. I actually felt quite ill, and called your support team who were extremely helpful and explained that I had nothing to worry about, as all my data was safely backed up on your servers. Once the insurance company delivered my new laptop (they couldn't bring back my data!) I downloaded all my information back again. It didn't take long at all, was very simple and above all everything was there!”

“Your service has been excellent and saved me an enormous hassle, in fact I cannot begin to imagine how much time, effort or money it would have taken to try and get it all back - certainly much, much more than the cost of your service! I came very close to losing everything that has taken me over 10 years to build, and am grateful to Depositit and the fact that I had just made the decision to use your service. It was the FSA regulations that (thankfully) spurred me into action, but seeing how easy it is to lose data I am now recommending your service to everyone I know!”

Nigel Smith, IFA
AE Thomson Ltd

“Well done guys what a great product! Having lost important data twice before, I now have peace of mind that no matter what happens to my PC or server the data is safe! It was a breeze to set up and now it runs smoothly in the back ground.”

Ray Burton

“I have found great peace of mind in the knowledge that my essential data, including client work, databases and trading information is securely backed up using Depositit's services. Our back-ups take place on a nightly basis and allows me to sleep tight just knowing that should anything come of my place of business, I would still be able to continue working.”

Nicolas Kalmus
GVG Limited: www.gvg.ltd.uk

“I have been using Depositit for over 3 years and it has provided me with outstanding peace of mind in ensuring safe, fast and efficient back up of data on a regular and ongoing basis. The software has been very user friendly and never failed.”

“I am very grateful for the service you offer - please keep up the good work. I'd strongly recommend the system to both business and home computer users requiring a secure and off site backup facility.”

Arieh Zucker
Zucker Associates Ltd

“For the first time since I started The PR Department 11 years ago, I have true peace of mind! Frankly, backing up was always done sporadically before, but it's great to know that from now on, should the worst happen, only one day's work would ever be lost. The Depositit service takes just minutes to set up, and for £10 a month, it's the best insurance I've ever taken out. With 'business continuity' clauses having all but disappeared from many insurance policies, I'd rather not take any risks. I'd thoroughly recommend Depositit to any business.”

Sally Davis, MD
The PR Department: www.theprdepartment.co.uk

“Thank you Depositit for preventing what could have been an absolute nightmare. Unfortunately due to the recent virus I lost some of my data and had reason to use the restore facility on your software. I was very impressed with how simple it was to carry out and furthermore how quickly my files were retrieved, within 20 minutes it was as if nothing had happened. It is definitely a service I shall be recommending my own clients use.”

Rodney Epstein
Relaxa UK Ltd: www.relaxa.co.uk

“Backup solutions don't get much better than this! Depositit is easy to use, simple to manage, secure, reliable and best of all - affordable. Companies can now implement a backup solution that does not rely on one person, and can relax in the knowledge that their data is secure and safe. A great product - well done!”

Shaun Turner, Director
Footwerkpacific Limited: Pegasus Communications

“As a one-man Internet marketer my main fear has always been the loss of PC data - which would effectively put me out of business. I need to be 100%, not 99%, confident that I can restore my system in the case of a disaster.”

“I've just binned my CD Writer which was the 99% solution.”

“I now use the 100% solution - Depositit - simple, inexpensive, reliable and fast.”

Harvey Segal

“If I was Victor Kiam I'd buy Depositit. I like the fact that you just 'set it and forget it', secure in the knowledge that your data is protected for as long as you want, in multiple locations.”

Paul Lock
Incise Communications Ltd: www.incisecomms.co.uk

“I 'tidied up' some folders in My Documents at the weekend as a precursor to transferring everything over to a new laptop, and found I had lost my email stationery. I went into a brief panic but then opened Depositit, found the missing file, restored to Friday and voila, there it was, back again. Panic over within 60 seconds, and it was amazingly simple. I'm well chuffed. Furthermore, the transfer of all my data to the new laptop was a doddle: I downloaded Depositit's software and then restored all my data from Depositit to the new laptop in about 30 minutes.”

Linda Levy

“We provide virtual office services to a range of customers so wanted a backup service that worked for us and our clients. We tried a number of different companies and chose Depositit for ease of use and clear pricing. We have been delighted with the results. You don't need a full disaster to benefit from the service, I accidentally overwrote a document so the service was great for retrieving a version I had created a couple of days earlier.”

Ian Marshall
Touchdown Answers Limited: www.touchdownanswers.co.uk

“I lost all my data when my new computer crashed. Fortunately I managed to get myself up and running on an old computer while the new one was being repaired. I was very pleased that within a couple of minutes of restoring, I was able to carry on working.”

Graham Harvey
Harvey Morgan Services Ltd.

“I wanted to recommend a good backup service to my customers, and after considering many options I chose DEPOSITIT. 448 bit encryption and backing up to 3 different locations means Depositit offers the highest level of privacy and security, which is what my customers require. Furthermore their staff are very knowledgeable, friendly and willing to answer all questions. If you are looking for a helpful and secure online backup company, use Depositit.”

Jean Loyens, Director
Ibas: www.ibas.com

“Dear Depositit,

Just a quick note to say what an excellent service you are providing.

I've been using it for a couple of weeks and found it excellent - it gives total piece of mind.

Keep up the good work!”

Paul Smith
Provident Solutions Ltd: www.providentsolutions.co.uk

“Last year my hard drive got completely erased and I invested in several backup measures as a result....including quite an expensive zip drive with several discs....after about a year, the zip drive stopped working and I had the choice of getting another zip drive or investing in an online backup method...I am glad I found Depositit so that I don't have to keep fretting over back up equipment and trying to remember whether I have backed up regularly when I have much better ways of using my time...thank you!”

Jesvir Mahil, Director

“The sense of offsite backup was reinforced for us over the weekend...

...Vandals poured lighter fuel or something in our building's post box and set fire to it. Fortunately, the fire brigade had the fire out before any major damage was done to the office suites, however if we were still relying on tape backup, it would have run Friday evening and the tape would still have been in the building (my last offsite backup would almost certainly have been a week old) and I would have been breathing a huge sigh of relief this morning .... so "strike 1" for Depositit!”

Colin Kemp, Director
Matrix Financial Planning Ltd

“Very intuitive to use, once set up, it runs happily in the background without any further intervention. On the one occassion that I needed it, technical support was excellent.”

Geoff Barnes, Principal
Langley Associates

“I cannot tell you what a relief it was to find my files intact at Depositit immediately after my own computer broke down. This has been the best investment I ever made.”

Jonathan Backhouse

“I have to say it all works very well, and I have used the restore facility several times recently, with success.”

Bev Moss
Bizsites http://www.bizsites.co.uk

“We provide IT services to small and medium businesses in the Somerset area and have recently won a Federation of Small Businesses Award for the Best use of Broadband.

As such we have been seeking additional 'Best of Breed' services to compliment our product range and see Depositit's secure online backup solution as a useful and almost mandatory facility for our clients, especially those without full-time I.T. consultancy and advice.

We are very impressed with Depositit's level of service and will be advising all our customers to use it.”

Don Steer
Somerset Systems Ltd: www.onlinesomerset.co.uk

“I have been delighted with the service from Depositit and have recommended you to other businesses with whom we work.”

John Savage, Director
4sight Business Development Ltd: www.4sightltd.co.uk

“I would like to express my thanks as your service is excellent. When I have had any issues they've been resolved swiftly and with courtesy, and the client program is also very ease to use.”

Chris Lever
Allplas Direct: http://www.allplasdirect.co.uk

“Just a quick note to say that I have been using Depositit for a week now, and it is so far proving to be reliable, easy and low maintenance to use!”

Thanks also for all the help you have given me prior to me signing up. I am only a very light user in the big scheme of things, but you have shown great individual customer care so far!”

After so many let downs from other providers, I am hoping that I have found the right solution for me, and I would recommend Depositit to any PC user.”

Martin Smith

“OK, Depositit, so you provide a really easy and cost effective way for a small business owner to back up their information. This was a revelation for me and I’m so glad that ’Back up PC‘ is finally crossed off my To Do list forever!”

“But what I really really like is your personal and personable customer service. It’s so rare these days to feel you can deal with a human being, especially with web-based services. You have managed to combine a rare and valuable service - 21st century technology that saves me time and anxiety, with good old fashioned customer service that makes me feel like I’m your best customer. Keep up the good work!”

Amanda Alexander

“Once again you've proved the value of DepositIT and demonstrated your excellent customer service!”

Bill MacNeill
MacNeill Consultancy & Associates: www.macneillconsultancy.com

“Your customer care is a big reason I recommend you guys to everyone I know”

Corie Conwell

“I have just renewed our subscription for online backup with Depositit for another year and wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the service. The software is easy to set up and administer and the daily backups run like clockwork. We had no problem using the restore facility to retrieve files lost at our end and feel so much more confident knowing our data is stored off site in the case of a disastrous event.”

Sarah White, Director
Telham Training Ltd

“As an IT Consultancy we found the need to provide our clients with a secure offsite solution to backup critical data. After experimenting with various offsite backup Solutions we settled on Depositit, due to the product being far superior, reliable, and doing exactly what it is supposed to.”

“Over the last 2 years we have needed to restore files and the process has been both quick and simple to carry out. We now strongly recommend Depositit to all our new clients as an affordable disaster recovery solution for all mission critical data.”

Martin Turner

“The service was a doddle to set up and restoring my files was quick and easy, I now recommend your service to everyone”

David Kay

“After providing IT services for small businesses for more then a decade, we found Depositit online backup as reliable, stable, secure and easy to use. The Depositit site is clear and user friendly, so anyone can understand how to signup and get the software up and running in minutes. We strongly recommend this software for anyone who wants their data protected.”

Maytal Dabush
UK IT Service www.ukitservice.co.uk


"I got my data back easily after a crash! This has been the best investment I ever made"

- HS Consulting

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