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What files should I backup?
A:You should backup any files that would be critical in the event of data loss (Depositit can backup all file types, for example: Word, Excel, Pdf, emails, databases, scanned documents, SQL and Exchange)
How long does it take to backup?
A:The first backup will take the longest time and depends on how much data you have selected to backup and the speed of your internet (upload) connection. Subsequent daily backups run incrementally and will normally take just a few minutes.
Can I use my computer while a backup is running?
A:Yes, you can continue to work on your computer as the backup runs in the background.
I turn my computer off at night, will my backups still run?
A:Yes, you can schedule your backups to run during the day when your computer is on. You can also run a manual backup at any time. If the computer is closed at the time of the backup, the backup will automatically run the next time the computer is switched on.
Can I backup and restore Exchange Mailboxes?
A:Yes, Depositit will automatically backup brick level mailboxes from M.S Exchange servers and restore them as .pst files to any machine.
Can I backup data on a network and on a NAS drive?
A: Yes, you can backup your data over a network and on a NAS drive with Depositit software.
Can I backup my desktop, my laptop and my server?
A:Yes, Depositit will backup desktop and laptop machines as well as large servers (inc Exchange / SQL).
How do I know my backups are working?
A:After every backup you will receive an email confirming the backup has run. In addition, you can restore any of your files at any time.
Can I restore files to any computer?
A:Yes, Depositit allows you to restore any or all files to your original computer or to a different/new computer.
How long does it take to restore?
A:Restoring files is very quick. You can restore either a single document or your whole drive depending on what you need.

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What a great product, it was a breeze to set up and now runs smoothly in the back ground

- WB Retailing

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