Depositit Business Continuity Solutions

Depositit Business Continuity Systems protect companies from Cyber Risks!

Cyber risks come in many forms and according to the Institute of Risk Management, 'Cyber Risk' relates to any risk of financial loss, disruption or damage to the reputation of an organisation from some sort of failure of its IT systems.

Depositit provide insurance approved, compliant, secure and easy to use business continuity solutions also provide ransomware and cyber extortion protection via it's unique historic versioning capacity. Users can scroll back and retrieve clean copies of their data minimising downtime and maximising their security against cyber threat.

In addition to the Cyber risks noted above, other crises range from your internet going down, phone lines being cut, lost/stolen mobile phones, power failure, flooding, snow, fire, theft, computer viruses, system errors and key staff members being injured or leaving. Potential disruption to your company will occur with any of these events however by using Depositit systems you will mitigate them.

Depositit Business Continuity Tools offer you:

File & Database Backup: The most critical element for most businesses is their Computer Data. Without data most businesses quickly cease to operate and many close down!

Depositit online Data Backup automatically backs up your files, databases, scanned documents and emails every day including Network & NAS drives, SQL databases and Exchange mailboxes. In addition, historic versions of backed up data are retained to deliver built in protection again cyber extortion and anti-ransomware threats.

It takes just minutes to set up and you can quickly restore files in an emergency and continue trading.

Access Key Information: Whether you need your bank details, an insurance policy, a certificate, the serial number of your mobile phone that's just been stolen or details of a trade supplier, within seconds you can locate and access it from any device wherever you are in the world.

Depositit Business SAFE provides the fastest way to find your information.

Communicate in a Crisis: When your phone lines or website have gone down or access to your premises has been blocked (riots, snow, flood), whatever the emergency, you can now quickly inform whomever you need via the Depositit Cyber ALERT App. Available 24/7 from your Tablet, Smartphone and Computer from wherever you are in the world.

Depositit Cyber ALERT delivers the quickest way to be in touch with and let your suppliers, staff and customers know when a crisis has arisen.

Keep answering calls, no matter what: When your phone lines are cut, or a power failure takes out your VOIP connection, or you find yourself stuck overseas. You can instantly divert your calls through to a professional messaging service who will answer the phone under your company name, ensuring your business keeps operating as normal for you.

Depositit Emergency Phone REDIRECT ensures every phone call continues to be answered in spite of any crisis.

In Conclusion

Depositit can assist with additional services such as compliance checks, office relocation, IT Support, Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Recovery and Cyber Protection.

Our compliant business continuity services are quick to set up, save you hours/days of stress and most importantly will keep you trading (reducing the impact of lost revenue).

There will always be emergencies and Depositit provide business continuity tools that help minimise the impact.

To use, set up, try or resell any of the Depositit Business Continuity Services, please contact us today!

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'Meet compliant backup regulations using Depositit's online backup and business continuity services'

- Fisher Group

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