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Depositit C360 - The Best Protection Against Malware, Ransomware & Malicious Cyber Threats

Hackers and cyber criminals are always a step ahead of the game. Targeting millions of us each day with a bombardment of spam, phishing emails and links, embedding code into software updates and creating fake websites.

Cyber criminals are no longer so interested in simply releasing a virus, their preference is to now encrypt your data because they know companies will pay for its release. This is far more distressing for the business and lucrative for the criminal.

Despite all of this, so many of us still think 'it won't happen to me', 'I'm protected' or 'they're only after the big firms, so I don't need to concern myself'

Depositit C360 Advanced Endpoint Protection is the answer for any sized company. A quick installation of our agent onto a single laptop or 1,000 machine networks provides complete peace of mind, eliminates risks and mitigates downtime with the support of a dedicated team of security analysts available to you.

Depositit C360 is the only solution that provides you with a fully managed service, rollback, forensics reporting, GDPR compliance, autonomous security and many other capabilities in a single agent that you can read more about, here.

Sleep easy knowing that you have the best protection in place and a team of security analysts behind you. This is your Guardian Endpoint Protection and once installed you will never need to worry about cyber threats again.

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As a cloud storage reseller I am very impressed with Depositit's prompt and friendly customer support.

- DS Technologies

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