Press Announcement: Depositit and Unleash Partnership

Unleash Advice Partnership Ltd Saves Members Data

Unleash, the newly established network for Independent financial & Mortgage advisers, has teamed up with Depositit computer backup software to provide their members with the most secure way to keep their computer data safe. The backup software has been made available for all members and will automatically save their critical files and databases each day, ensuring good business practice and compliance needs are met.

Depositit Sales Director, Anthony Ryb comments:
�Unleash is a rapidly expanding network and has gained a strong reputation for offering members best of breed products and services. All members are provided with the latest tools and software solutions allowing them to offer their clients the best possible service and also manage their businesses efficiently. The Depositit backup service is essential to all companies needing to safeguard their critical data and it�s great to see a Network positively endorsing this to their members.�

Unleash CEO, Andy Adewale comments:
�All forward thinking businesses must be concerned about data loss and its general ramifications. The financial sector is regulated by the FSA and this adds a regulatory requirement for us and our members to ensure all data is securely backed up and available for restore. Our members are using their computers for every element of their business, consequently this information needs to be safely, easily and quickly backed up each day and the Depositit service does all this automatically and fool proof if there is a need for disaster recovery. When data goes missing, either due to a natural disaster (Fire/flood/crash) or man made (theft/virus/deletion) there will always be disruption, though with Depositit in place any disruption should be vastly reduced as files can be instantly downloaded to a new machine and works continued quickly.�


For further information, please contact:

Anthony Ryb, Sales Director � Depositit
78 York Street, London, United Kingdom W1H 1DP
T: 0845 458 1360

Andy Adewale, CEO � Unleash Advice Partnership Ltd
14 Gander Lane, Links, United Kingdom S43 4PZ
T: 01246 810 757


'I'd thoroughly recommend Depositit to every business'

- A Milson

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