Press Announcement: Depositit and Mortgage Stream Partnership

MortgageStream� links with DepositIT Data storage

MortgageStream� case management software has negotiated a special deal with DepositIT the data storage specialist. MortgageStream� users can now use DepositIT to run a daily data back up for all of their critical files without every needing to use a tape, drive or any other hardware device. Not only does DepositIT save MortgageStream, but can also be used to back up other key data such as sourcing software, documents, personnel info plus all other important information.

Depositit Sales Director, Anthony Ryb comments:
�MortgageStream software has already made a sizable impact on the Broker Market with over 1200 users relying on its leading features and ease of use. However, as any computer user will know, clever software is only any good if the PC is working properly and the data is saved where it is supposed to be. Sadly these days events such as theft, fire, flood, or operator errors are all too frequent causes of catastrophic data loss. Not only is this a calamity for the business, but also affects the �Disaster Recovery� provision required by the FSA. We were very keen to link up with MortgageStream and allow their growing number of users to have access to our cutting edge facility. With the new exclusive special deal MortgageStream users will pay from just �99.00 + vat a year for absolute data security and peace of mind.�

Mortgage Stream Sales Director, Paul Holden comments:
�Mortgage Brokers are rightly concerned about data loss. MortgageStream is designed to run every part of the Mortgage Back office process, interfacing with the broker�s choice of sourcing software, recording phone calls and storing documents and client data. If the worst was to happen and the PCs were to fail a business could come to a complete standstill as surely as if someone had removed every filing cabinet in a 1990s brokerage! However, data back up and storage has never been simpler, there are no tapes, no disc and no faffing, DepositIT quietly works away in the background uploading data from PCs or the server to the secure offsite storage facility. In the event of a disaster, data can be downloaded to new PCs and the business can be running as before ON THE SAME DAY..�


For further information, please contact:

Anthony Ryb, Sales Director � Depositit
78 York Street, London, United Kingdom W1H 1DP
T: 0845 458 1360

Paul Holden Sales Director � Mortgage Stream
T: 01252 783 838


'I'd thoroughly recommend Depositit to every business'

- A Milson

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