Press Announcement: Depositit Supports Will Aid Solicitors with Will Storage Facilities

Depositit is offering every solicitor writing a Will during November for Will Aid with a free Will Storage account for their client.

London, UK November 5, 2012 - Depositit has today released details to provide all solicitors registered with the Will Aid charity a free will storage account for each client.

Every November solicitors that participate in the Will Aid scheme throughout the UK, waive their fees for producing a Will and instead ask their clients to make a donation to Will Aid which supports multiple charities and donates the money to them.

Once the Will is created, clients often do not know where to store their Will. It can be stored at home but it's generally recommended to be kept somewhere safer. In some instances the solicitor may offer to safeguard it and in other cases the client will need to locate an independent storage facility.

Depositit provide secure electronic storage facilities to businesses and its partner company BoxSOLID offers Will storage. Depositit will provide solicitors with a free boxSOLID account that has a specific area within the account available to encrypt and safeguard an electronic copy of the Will. The service normally costs £12 a year but will be provided free of charge to every solicitor who will be able to offer their client dual access to the account in order to readily view their Will at any time.

Solicitors or clients may wish to store multiple Wills within their BoxSOLID account or create an individual and bespoke BoxSOLID Will storage account for each client or Will independently.

Depositit Sales Director, Anthony Ryb comments:
After making a Will, where to store it is a big question for many people. I know from experience with other legal documents that you can store these with your solicitor but in today's climate many law firms are closing down and when this happens and you don't have a copy of your legal document it can cause concern. Our BoxSOLID Will storage facility gives comfort to the client and provides faith in the law firm with access provided to both the client and the solicitor allowing the Will to be fully protected and safeguarded at all times. In addition the electronic file that is stored will be fully encrypted and password protected.


For further information, please contact:

Anthony Ryb, Sales Director � Depositit
78 York Street, London, United Kingdom W1H 1DP
T: 0845 458 1360


'I'd thoroughly recommend Depositit to every business'

- A Milson

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