Press Announcement: Depositit launches new Consumer App

Depositit Launches Digital Organiser for Home, Office Workers and Travellers to Access Essential Information on the Go.

For immediate release 9 September 2015

Depositit ORGANISER is a new online initiative to help personal users, office workers and travellers access their personal and work information from anywhere. Trip details, policy documents, codes, emergency contacts and more can be located instantly via the Digital Organiser, allowing users global access to their information at anytime.

Depositit ( today announced the launch of its new Digital ORGANISER for home users / home office workers and travellers. An initiative to help users securely store and quickly access their personal, business and travel information. The platform delivers colour coded categories relating to computing, health, personal, travel, work, home and emergency contacts which allow users to save and access information in a convenient and organised manner. In addition, users can upload documents such as insurance policy certificates, scanned copies of passports, booking confirmation documents and other files.

Depositit ORGANISER developed by Depositit, a leader in business continuity solutions including enterprise data backup and an innovator in cloud storage in the UK since 1999.

Losing, misplacing and just searching for key information is both a massive inconvenience and a logistical interruption. In addition it can end up being costly if you do not have details to hand in order to cancel a passport, payment card or mobile phone as swiftly as possible when they go missing. According to the Foreign Office, tens of thousands of passports go missing every year by Brits on their holidays and similar figures are registered by the equivalent offices in other countries across the world. Add to that the millions of lost, stolen and cloned credit cards, licenses and mobile phones to clearly see why making a secure note of your records and backing them up is important.

"This is the most convenient solution to keep all your information safe and in one place and gain access whenever and from wherever you are. We are all guilty of noting down account numbers and other codes onto Post-it notes, scraps of paper or in a pad and then not remembering where anything is when we need it or worse still, losing it or having it stolen." said Anthony Ryb, Founder and Director at Depositit. "All data saved in the Depositit ORGANISER is encrypted ensuring complete privacy for everything stored, and we are also using the secure compliant infrastructure developed by Depositit in order to further encrypt and back up the information in two separate, commercially independent data centres"

Depositit ORGANISER is currently free of charge and is incredibly intuitive so users can start using it just moments after registration. Users of Depositit ORGANISER can upload or input a variety of data:

"Whether lost, stolen or just needing to access some details, there is now a way to easily retrieve your vital information anytime whether you are at your desk or on the go," added Anthony Ryb. "Depositit ORGANISER allows users to keep their details safe by offering secure online storage that can be accessed from any device, anywhere in the world. This means they can save time by always having their information available when required."

Depositit ORGANISER can be fully integrated into insurance policies, loyalty and membership schemes rebranded, white labelled or sold as a stand along solution.


For further information, please contact:

Anthony Ryb, Sales Director � Depositit
78 York Street, London, United Kingdom W1H 1DP
T: 0845 458 1360


'I'd thoroughly recommend Depositit to every business'

- A Milson

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