Press Announcement: Depositit and AIG Insurance

Depositit Data Storage Links with AIG Insurance

Depositit computer backup software is providing the technology behind a new and innovative Office Policy from Insurance giant AIG. Companies taking out a corporate policy from AIG-Europe that includes �Material Damage and Business Interruption Cover� will receive office disaster recovery free of charge, allowing them to backup and restore the files on their computer. AIG policyholders will be able to use the backup software to run a daily back up which saves their critical computer files securely off-site. The backup software can be used by any business and saves all file types including emails, complicated databases, images and documents. In an emergency the company can restore it�s files instantly.

Depositit Sales Director, Anthony Ryb comments:
�AIG is the largest international insurance company in the world and this innovative new addition to their product portfolio demonstrates why they are leaders in their field. It is well known that the most important element for any business is it�s data � without it companies will cease to exist, so this quite ground breaking that AIG not only recognise this but are the first insurance company to put in place a solution that truly protects it�s policyholders. Sadly these days events such as theft, fire, flood, or operator errors are all too frequent causes of catastrophic data loss and until now this data could not be replaced, even by insurance. With the new policy from AIG, policyholders can get their data back and receive absolute peace of mind.�


For further information, please contact:

Anthony Ryb, Sales Director � Depositit
67 Clerkenwell Road, London, United Kingdom EC1R 5BL
T: 0845 458 1360


'I'd thoroughly recommend Depositit to every business'

- A Milson

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