Usernames and Passwords

The importance of Usernames and Passwords

Our lives seem to be controlled by Usernames and Passwords. Every service we use asks us to set up an account and either create our own login details or receive a system generated passcode.

We're not able to use the same details each time as every service as a different requirement and set of rules to comply with so we nd up with dozens of different variations and it gets incredibly difficult to remember which one is for what service.

PIN numbers too. Security codes, Access details it�s a never ending amount of security details and logins we need to remember.

And of course these cannot be noted down or kept in a book but conversely it�s impossible to remember them all � so what to do?

How best can we remember our details so we can continue accessing the products and services and websites that we enjoy?

There are many websites available that will allow you to store details, so all you need to do is remember the single Username and Password for that website and Voila, all of your others can be logged safely for instant retrieval whenever needed.

This is a very useful way of keeping everything safe and if you maintain systems for a business, it can ensure business continuity.

Business continuity is crucial to companies, ensuring minimal downtime in the event of a crisis and continued trading as much as possible. Downtime costs money and making sure a business can continue running in the event of any crisis is paramount.

Not remembering the password to login to your computer can prevent work and something so simple can cause a massive loss of revenue. Therefore, having all passwords and other critical information safely backed up and logged in a remote secure online filing cabinet is very useful.

Ideally to be able to access the information 24/7 and from any device including ipads and smartphones so you can get your information on the move.

Don�t leave it to chance or memory as whilst today we remember the password combination we just created, tomorrow it will start to be confused with something else and the first time you draw a blank will be the time it�s lost forever.

Store them, access them, keep them safe and ensure a free easy business continuity exists.


'Your service is excellent, and the program is very easy to use'

- D Clemments

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