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How to save time

Many of us find ourselves time short, with much to do and not enough 'time' to get it all done.

With a bit of luck (and juggling) most of what we need to achieve does get accomplished and some bits simply fall off the radar and never get achieved. Most times it doesn�t matter and sometimes we will pay the price.

In business we are often trying to make money or where we can, save money and for both of these we try to use our time efficiently.

Making a phone call to secure an order often feels like a good use of time, whilst spending time on administrative duties can feel a bit of a hindrance or waste of time (albeit there will often be a sense of satisfaction afterwards).

Daily office chores such us backing up the data, encrypting the files and storing the media safely off-site is critical to the survival of the business, however we all take chances by missing a backup now and again or leaving the media by the computer.

Years and years of time spent building the company and storing the information on computers via databases, invoices, emails, spreadsheets and much more, yet all can be gone in less than a second when the machine crashes, gets a virus or falls prey to fire, flooding or theft.

On a lesser but equally disrupting scale you could have spent hours on a document and then accidentally deleted it.

Imagine that you come in to the office one morning and the data has been hit by a virus and you cannot open any of your files. You recall backing up the files to an external drive but it turns out the files on the drive have all been overwritten with the infected lot.

This is not a nightmare, it is a reality for businesses that lose data every day due to numerous reasons and many do not recover or spend a great deal of time and money attempting to get back on track.

Save time by using a secure automated business backup system and save money too as these systems work at night whilst you sleep, allowing you to get on with what you do best.

Data loss happens to everyone, it is just a matter of time, so spend 20 minutes today ensuring the protection of your business data and this will offer a huge saving of time and money in the future. Safeguard your company data securely andautomatically using the Depositit automated offsite data protection system.


'Your service is excellent, and the program is very easy to use'

- D Clemments

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