Does your password pass muster?


The less they make sense, the more secure they are. Passwords are present day keys and although many of us despise them (normally because we hold so many), there are many positives aspects.

1. The best thing is that we don't need to attach them to a chain and physically carry them around (and fear losing them).

2. Ideally you would have different passwords for all solutions however passwords don't need to be cut like a key in order to be different. Remember the 'skeleton' key that is cut the same way and can be used for many different rooms? You could use the same password for different services or create a variety of unique passwords by adding and assembling characters and numbers in a different way.

3. Passwords are free to create and can be replaced freely at any time.

Much like we lock our doors to keep ourselves and our physical belongings secure, we also lock our online services and accounts to keep our digital lives cyber secure but how can we remember such a multitude of passwords, store them , keep them safe and obtain them quickly when we need them?

Depositit have the solution that will turn you into a digital locksmith. A place that keeps your passwords safe, organised and always available when you need them. When you forget them, use Depositit 'ORGANISER' to retrieve them in just two clicks (even if you have not needed a particular password or login detail for many months, it takes just two clicks to retrieve it).

We recommend you make your passwords long and senseless, change them regularly and store and secure them in to retrieve them anytime via any device.

Please also remember to update or cancel passwords when a member of staff leaves the company.

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'Your service is excellent, and the program is very easy to use'

- D Clemments

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