Automated Data Backup

Online Email Programs Might Not Be Safe

A4e was fined £60,000 in the UK by the Information Commissionerís Office in 2010 after losing a laptop containing the personal details of thousands of people. This breached the data protection act and consequently led to the large fine.

Computer users, especially those with laptops need to ensure all their data is encrypted and in addition any data saved or backed up to external drives or USB sticks or CD / DVDís should also be encrypted as data access can be as bad as data loss depending on what information you are storing.

When using automatic data backup software the files being backed up will normally be encrypted by the automatic online backups. This is far the best and easiest and safest way to ensure files are always backed up and that the backed up files are always safely and securely encrypted.

In addition to using remote data backup services which deliver business continuity computer users should look at the available encryption software to put directly on the machine to keep all files and emails on the machine fully protected and encrypted from prying eyes.

The combination of encrypting the files on the machine and then using a remote online data backup service will assure business continuity allowing the full safety of all files in all areas.

Many companies and especially banks have been fined heavily for losing data that has not been encrypted and sadly the stories and reports are quite regular of a disk being found with unencrypted data on it or a laptop being lost. This places many peopleís details at risk of being seen by and landing up in the hands of the wrong people.

The simple solution is to use encryption software which doesnít have to be expensive but for some reason is neglected by so many.

Ideally a company that wishes to start online backup business in the UK will be providing their customers with encryption products for their laptops, desktops and servers and reviewing all elements of their security and business continuity and will put in place an exchange server backup and full automatic online backup to assure complete peace of mind.


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- D Clemments

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