Cyber Protection - article 2/3

STOP! LOOK! LISTEN! before you Click

Remember those lessons as a child about crossing the road? We were taught to use all of our senses and stop, look left and right, listen for passing traffic and only when 100% confident there was no danger, we would cross.

That information saved lives!

Nowadays we may still follow that advice because it worked and it has helped protect us over our lifetime. Likewise it�s worth following that example and monitoring the security for our businesses as there are now many threats sweeping in from multiple directions � trying to knock us down!

With technology come dangers such as Viruses, Malware, Trojans and Cyber attacks. All trying to compromise our digital data.

Warding off potential cyber dangers to ourselves and our business is the same as what we learned when crossing the road. That is to stop, look and listen, only instead of crossing the road this time we do it before we open an email or an attachment on our desktop computer or mobile devices.

Failing to take this simple precaution, has cost many businesses (small and large) thousands of dollars, jeopardised the trust in their brand and caused them to lose valuable business or personal data including databases, images, letters & correspondence, and also other software and hardware failure. Cyber attacks including Ransomware, Cyber Extortion and Crypto virus are not going away and taking precautions is a must.

Even if it has not happened to you, you will know or have heard of someone or some business who has experienced some form of data loss or data corruption due to a virus inflicted by an attempted cyber attack and you will have breathed a huge sign of relief that it wasn�t you this time!

Stop, look and listen before clicking every link.

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