Backup Tips

How to make computer backup exciting

Backing up computers is a chore, there's no two ways about it. Like most things that are a necessity, it can soon become tedious and then more interesting (important?) things take precedent and ultimately it's no longer carried out as regularly or securely as it needs. This is when a business places itself in danger!

The fact is that unless this chore is carried out every day, you place your business at huge risk. Computer data is the lifeblood for most companies, without it staff will sit there twiddling their thumbs and potentially businesses will grind to a halt.

So what's the best way to spice up this chore or at the very least to ensure it�s carried out every day.

TIP 1: Automate the process. There are many great automatic backup systems that will carry out this task for you each day. Seek out one that encrypts your files and saves them safely off-site in multiple data centres. Check out the support you will receive and run a test restore for some of your files. Like a fire drill you want to be prepared and understand the process before that crisis arises.

TIP 2: If you use specific programs for your business (CRM, accounting, scanning etc), consult with the software support dept to find out if their software is saving an automated backup file of the database or if this is something you need to set up and run manually. Also, ask where exactly this backup file resides on your system.

TIP 3: If you use an Exchange server or even a local pop3 or Imap account for your company emails, view the Support documentation or run a search online to understand where the database resides on your system and how to back this up.

Going back to TIP 1 a good automated offsite backup service will offer a professional service including the set up and continued support for your backup system. They are experts in their field and work with thousands of businesses every day and are there to support your needs.

So whilst computer backup as a process will never win an award as the most exciting admin task, the process can be automated, dealt with by experts and most importantly carried out each day safely for you, ensuring you can continue trading when that emergency arises.

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